4 problems that are often faced when preparing a hotel for opening, how to solve them? I'll tell you some options

4 problems that are often faced when preparing a hotel for opening, how to solve them? I'll tell you some options

Original: Li Sheng

Newly opened hotel

Especially during peak times

The hotel opened in a hurry

At initial stage of opening, there will be more or less chaotic situations, how to get rid of this situation as soon as possible

Set up your hotel quickly

This is what every investor and operator pays close attention to

Newly opened hotel

The cause of chaos is mainly manifested in following four aspects

In these four areas

I analyze its causes, find out essence and take appropriate measures

4 problems that are often faced when preparing a hotel for opening, how to solve them? I'll tell you some options

There are a lot of people and things during preparation period, where are things?

New hotel

Requires more than just a wide variety of items

And amount is huge

Buy in advance and nowhere to store it


As a rule, goods are delivered in a concentrated form at an early stage of opening a hotel

Concentrated arrival of a large number of things at hotel

An assault reception will be organized

Attack handling, attack storage

Sometimes it's too late to store

If there is no time to pack and test it, custom department will pick it up

Here is a series of unexpected works

This will inevitably lead to confusion in storage and distribution of items

Results in use of department items received incorrectly or not found


The key to solving this problem

We are talking about organization of reception and distribution

No matter how many items are delivered

What a rush of time to do this


The warehouse manager checks goods one by one according to receipt sheet

Even if it's too late to open package for inspection

There should also be detailed registration


Each user department checks goods delivered to additional warehouse

Verification and registration will be carried out alternately by a special person from department

Include items configured for publishing


For items that should be used but can't be found

According to storage order, checkout form and order form

Order of contracts

Perform incremental search


To determine where problem is

If you haven't actually ordered, just follow purchasing process to activate your purchase

I don't have all managers, so I don't know who to contact?

In connection with opening of hotel

A new team of leaders has been formed

Experience and expertise of team members

The division of labor is also different


Some managers have not personally tested or used

New hotel opening

Lack of command and decision making

It is impossible to be timely, efficient and correct

Deal with tedious and urgent problems decisively

Questions for subordinates

It's not pushing, it's blind direction

Everyone is responsible, but no one cares


Everyone is busy blindly

It consumes stamina and has no effect


First, clarify division of labor of hotel team members

And inform all levels of government

Each team member must respect division of labor

Everyone does their duty and takes responsibility

When subordinates prdirections

Even if I don't know how to make a decision for a while

Don't dodge of your own accord

Team members should combine their thoughts in advance

When a serious abnormal problem occurs

Everyone should speak with one voice and stand in the same position

Don't let everyone take care of it and don't let anyone take care of it

4 problems that are often faced when preparing a hotel for opening, how to solve them? I'll tell you some options

The leader is busy starting a business, department doesn't know how to work

Newly opened hotel

A lot of things and it's hard

There are also differences in abilities and experience of each department head


Responsibility of individual department heads for their departments

Functions not entirely clear

In addition, there is no coordination between departments


Communication is not smooth and department heads are busy with emergencies all day

Don't know

What's point?

This will inevitably leave you busy and ignorant as a result

Too busy, but no results


The department must first understand division of labor in hotel

To master uniform requirements and standards of hotel

Specify scope of department's authority


Organization of key employees of department

According to established requirements of department

Work organized

It should be emphasized that

Responsibilities of department head for department

Working procedures should be clear

It is best to have a work plan in advance and organize and implement it according to plan

Employees do not know what to do without practical experience

In early stages of opening hotel

Even though each hotel

All new employees will be tested

Business training and vocational training of various durations


Skill and understanding of these studies and trainings

There are more or less current vacancies

Some inconsistencies and gaps


Theory is more than practice in teaching

Simulation is more than practice

Many employees don't even have time

Practice in a real working position

Lack of practical skills

As a result, many employees will inevitably end up in workplace

I don't know how to do this



Pay attention to learning effect

Everything starts with practicality to organize learning

You can not ignore theoretical study of business knowledge

Practical operation should be given more attention


When conditions allow, it is still necessary to organize and arrange on same level

Internships in hotels of same size


Not all of them can be organized, but at least some key employees should be organized

Participate in final

After arrival of a new employee

Get hands-on on-the-job training quickly

Review and highlight workflow and work standards

New hotel opening

All new

Everything needs a break-in

Some break-in problems are normal

And last thing you should pay attention to:

● 10. When a new command is run

We must emphasize unity of thought

● When new employees arrive

Stand for mutual aid

● When running between departments

Be aware of general situation

● When running in new equipment

Keep watching all time

● When working with a new client

Review to pay attention to information

● As long as there is a single team

Take effective action

This will definitely minimize break-in losses

Minimize break-in time

● Investments in hotel are needed to manage hotel

Managing a hotel is necessary for profit


● New Hotels

Even if there are many problems, following factors should be considered

● We must first work to earn income

Standardize management principles to get started

● Revolves around business status

Organization of work taking into account main needs of clients

● To gradually move away from attack

Working status of emergency and permanent rotation

Transition to normal, orderly working state

● Read rules and regulations first

Energy supply, division of labor

A few key issues such as marketing

Then keep standardizing and improving the work