2022. Ctrip. Smart technology 100 TB. Deep data analysis. Satisfy your needs. Poetry and distance...

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Smart recommendations, smart customer service, carefree travel

Emergency SOS support, small AI poetry machine...


Various technical features provided by Ctrip platform provide consumers with comprehensive travel services

In recent years

Ctrip continues to innovate in the travel industry, and that innovation is inseparable from smart technology


This is not only a service company, but also a high-tech Internet company

Technology is a powerful driving force and competitiveness of sustainable development Ctrip, artificial intelligence

Big data is applied to products to provide consumers with better and faster services

Effective and interesting combination of artificial intelligence

Ctrip provides smart recommendations based on user habits, making it easier to browse products and book on platform

Book related products on Ctrip website or app and you can book flights in just 7 seconds

The hotel reservation can be confirmed immediately. Take, for example, air tickets

When ticket user is looking for is sold out, Ctrip will recommend user to travel by high-speed rail according to their behavior preference

Or direct flights to nearby airports are recommended

When a user detects that there is no direct flight, this can ensure that user moves smoothly


Combining technical capabilities such as voice and vision, Ctrip provides interactive AI features to provide users with rich content

Interesting experience

For example, Ctrip launched "Xiaoshiji" AI product, in which users only have to upload a landscape image when traveling abroad

The system will suggest a poem based on image uploaded by user. The first thing to use is image recognition technology.

Xiaoshi Machine uses CNN deep neural network

Ability to recognize more than 1500 types of landscapes and people

Enter character's gender, age, and expression. The machine must first transmit big data + artificial intelligence

Dig up features of thousands of scenic spots around world, including not only name of scenic spot, but also roof shape of scenic spot

Detailed knowledge map about wall color, local cuisine, famous wine, famous tea, customs and customs


After training, combined with user's geographic location and other dimensional information, machine can identify certain scenic spots

Deep learning CNN, LSTM, translation model algorithm

After genetic algorithm, Xiaoshi machine can abstract natural language into poems and songs

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    Main technical application for big data mining

    Data is one of core technologies Ctrip is most excited about

    The Ctrip brand currently has 400 million users

    The data generated by searching, browsing and booking every day is about 100 TB

    In NOC data monitoring room at Ctrip's Shanghai headquarters, a TV screen displays real-time visualizations of all Ctrip's business systems around clock. In case of abnormal data fluctuations

    Voice alert will be prompted to ensure system stability


    By digging into 100 TB of data, we can clearly determine if a user is sensitive to airplane seating

    You can also predict where users will want to go in next three months. Data search and analysis

    It is important for Ctrip to implement technological innovations to improve quality of personalized services

    On other side

    The complexity of Ctrip's risk management has also doubled as data scales up

    Like other OTAs, Ctrip faces external risks every day, such as malicious account theft, malicious order reading, malicious resource hijacking, etc.


    When it comes to risk control, Ctrip uses a complete risk control system without interruption

    Covering all transaction links before, during and after the event. Real time response time of 100 milliseconds has now been reached

    Smart technology makes travel more enjoyable

    Ctrip uses innovative technologies and services

    Constantly provide comprehensive protection for people's happy travels and continue to pursue mission of "make travel happier"

    Early September 2020

    Ctrip launched a "Midnight Room" for guests to understand, and hotel followed suit

    Midnight Room by Ctrip is backed by a solid supply chain

    Optimize product design and implement innovative solutions such as "automatic midnight order pick-up" to make it easier for early morning bookings to be made at hotel front desk

    Displaying Ctrip company data

    Each morning, 300,000 people search for hotel of day

    On eve of Christmas and New Year, number of requests for "hotels for transit passengers" in popular transport hubs has increased

    Every day from 0:00 to 07:00, Ctrip APP hotel channel will automatically switch to "Midnight Edition"

    In addition to discounts from 30% to 40%, many "night rooms" have a 4-hour delay in check-out

    Immediate confirmation, 24-hour front desk and other services to improve guest decision-making speed


    Ctrip also constantly releases various themed products to meet needs of different groups of people

    For example, Ctrip Hotel and Mengbaihe have officially established Travel Sleep Lab

    Big data and other technologies are designed to "allow passengers to sleep for an extra hour", while "zero pressure room" explores how to make guests sleep better

    An entire set of zero-pressure cotton bedding has been added to Mengbaihe's "Zero Pressure Room". Many men and children are afraid of sweating, so choosing a “zero pressure room” can help you fall asleep faster

    In addition

    Its slow rebound characteristics can reduce rolling over during sleep and protect spine health

    Overall, "zero pressure room" can increase deep sleep time by 23.3%

    Smart apps also work with a custom service. In recent years

    In addition, Ctrip continuously improves its travel product system, innovates its user experience, and improves its one-stop service experience

    Ctrip Travel & Leisure Sequentially Launches Scenic Audio Guides and Scenic Smart Solutions

    And a number of innovative services. Scenic Audio Guide service brings together a number of major audio providers in China

    Let tourists not change application often

    You can "listen" around world. In addition

    The industry's first "Scenic Spots Smart Cloud Platform" previously released by Ctrip is fully focused on ticketing and scenic spots entrance

    Provide technical solutions for four main links of game and after-sales service, and support reservation of "full channels, full scenes and full formats" under a real name in scenic areas

    For some tourists who cannot use Internet conveniently, OTA platforms such as Ctrip have launched offline ticket vending machines - tourists can buy or receive tickets offline

    This is not only convenient for people who cannot buy tickets online, but also implements a contactless service offline

    Launching Ctrip

    SOS service for traveling around world

    This is first company in world to provide free assistance. Tourists can ask for help in function of platform "Emergency SOS Support"

    Provide 24/7 online travel service, reply within 2 minutes

    Especially when there is a major natural disaster, platform will also activate SOS function with one click

    Respond to tourists' requests for help as quickly as possible. As far as travel is concerned, launch of Ctrip

    Journey without worries

    Online auto-order service raises customer service standards while protecting rights of drivers


    This is alsoIt is first platform to offer unlimited waiting and free returns compared to other popular taxi platforms in China

    Ctrip does not require users to pay overtime for waiting to avoid loss of drivers and protect their interests

    Give drivers "no-show subsidies" and "waiting overtime subsidies"

    The main advantage of Ctrip car service is quality of service. "Travel without worries" implements Ctrip's "high quality" strategy

    It is practice of promoting qualitative and differentiated development of online car ordering, with the hope of setting a new service standard for online car ordering

    Examples are as follows