Skills and achievements are not blown out. Only those who are really sincere and work out bit by bit - this is life

Skills and achievements are not blown out. Only those who are really sincere and work out bit by bit - this is life

Original: Li Sheng


In my eyes

People who are really capable are long-term

When I was in school (Guangxi University of Finance and Economics)

Skills and achievements are not blown out. Only those who are really sincere and work out bit by bit - this is life

Read a book

It's called: "Xunzi encouraging learning"

Among them. It reads: "If you work really hard, you'll get in

A person who loves to learn, if he is persistent, he will naturally gain something

The same

One person must manage water and soil well and make a career

To have a wonderful love and build a happy family, you must be persistent

You can't be hot for three minutes and you can't give up halfway through

Stand upright

Only by seeing far away, only thoughtfully can one be prepared


Those who are truly capable are long-term supporters with courage and wisdom to put down roots


Social networks

Trust each other and build long-term relationships

Guangqi said

"The mountain is built without hesitation, so it can become tall; Ming Dynasty does not get tired of people, so it can become numerous."

Man wants to go to top

Don't run straight to top, but build a huge "foundation"

Let everyone around you become your helpers

Let people in high places have an idea to pull. As they say, when people unite, Mount Tai will move

How to rely on social networks

Achieve yourself? Basically it's word "trust"

Einstein said

He who is immodest about truth in small things cannot be trusted in big things

Trust must permeate every aspect of a person, and we cannot ignore such small things as words, etiquette, facial expressions and money

We often say that social interaction depends on character

An unintentional remark, even a small meal, can reveal character


Smart people in communication adhere to principle of "seeing big in small"

Spring and autumn

Confucius had a student named Mi Zijian

Became an Officer Parent of Lou State Single Father

Skills and achievements are not blown out. Only those who are really sincere and work out bit by bit - this is life

When I first took office

Mi Zijian was worried that king would interfere with his government measures, which would lead to impossibility of implementing many policies

Or it should be dropped halfway through implementation. After all, hand will not hold hip

In order to win king's trust, he pretended to retire and asked king to send an envoy to record situation

After arrival of a messenger to a single father

Mi Zijian always pushes them, prevents them from writing well and at same time blames them

Written too ugly, it harms general opinion

The king is very embarrassed

Ask Confucius: "Your student, why do you want to do this?"

Confucius said

"He has no malicious intent, he just wants to convince you with a few words..."

One word awakens a dreamer

The king knows that "pushing back and forth" is like arguing with each other, and this should become "mutual trust"

In real life

The boss does not believe that subordinates can do job well, so he can take initiative in doing it

Mother doesn't believe that son makes a lot of money by "heretical means", daughter doesn't believe parents don't have "son-daughter-preferring" behavior

My older brother does not believe that my younger brother will borrow money... All kinds of shadows of distrust often disturb us and lead to business failure

Long term

From very beginning, you will hug people around you in a group. These are "precautions" on web

When wind and rain come, everyone will not let go, forming an invisible wall that can push wind and rain away



Create rules for long-term peace

After Mi Zijian stayed with Shangfu for three years

Locals may have wisdom of "cautious independence"

One night a fisherman went fishing

He caught a lot of fish, but he looked, and sent big fish back to river, and let small ones go.

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    The person next to me doesn't understand

    Ask: "Why do you fish like that?"

    The fisherman said

    "According to rules set by chief, a big fish can raise a small fish, and a small one must grow up


    One large and one small have special functions and cannot be damaged. In this way, you can save life of river fish

    When Wu Maci, a student of Confucius, found out about this, he gave a thumbs up to Mi Zijian

    Mi Zi's virtue is so great that people will be punished if they act in secret

    Reliable system

    After this is doneoh for a long time, people in this place will be able to live a happy life all time

    There is truth

    One side of water and soil supports one side

    Are we in community

    At home or at work, main thing is to behave decently and stick to system

    It won't be spoiled. People won't hurt each other

    Skills and achievements are not blown out. Only those who are really sincere and work out bit by bit - this is life

    Rules are deeply rooted in people's hearts

    It becomes a ruler for measuring strengths and weaknesses. Speech has a ruler, but jokes have a degree

    If you do something well, your career gets brighter


    Be a man

    Give up greed, choose wisely

    One year

    The State of Qi attacked State of Lu and bypassed Shan Fu. Local wheat is just ripening. farmer said

    Let people in city come for wheat, so as not to be robbed by people of Qi

    Mi Zijian refuses

    As a result, Qi people stole wheat


    Imperial court officials accuse Mi Zijian

    Mi Zijian said

    Letting townsfolk loot wheat will cause greed and form bad habits

    So yearly harvest of wheat will backfire

    The ancients spoke

    Once I was bitten by a snake, I was afraid of a well rope for ten years

    Greed is rooted in people's hearts

    To eradicate it in ten years is impossible

    Victims will be hurt or resist; those who harm others will be ashamed or worse

    Skills and achievements are not blown out. Only those who are really sincere and work out bit by bit - this is life

    What happened this year

    It should end this year and try not to affect situation next year

    Summarize past achievements and discard past bad results

    Long way step by step

    It can be finished; no matter how short road is, if you stand still or turn at will, you will not be able to complete it

    Greed leads people astray

    Must be completely eradicated. You must understand that some hopes are desires in themselves and should not be confused

    The Beginning of Man

    Nature is inherently good. Only by being positive and sticking to original intent can we "achieve goal"


    State Minister Lu seeks advice from Mi Zijiang

    He said

    My decision is to rely on strength of everyone, your decision is to rely on your own strength

    He who relies on his own strength is sure to work hard, he who relies on strength of others is certainly calm

    Everyone who has opportunity

    There are signs of a planned advance and retreat, peace of mind and a brighter future.

    If you want to be able

    Then you should learn from them, think deeply about yourself and actively correct your behavior

    A dollar does not make a person rich

    But a dollar can turn a man into a thief

    One dollar plus one dollar

    It can make a person rich, earn one dollar and spend two dollars, or it can make a person poor

    The same

    one dollar

    Treat with different attitudes and methods, result will be completely different


    We want to be forward-thinking, making most of life's benefits so that we don't worry about what lies ahead