You do not have a certain concentration and insight, you do not understand human nature, any of your efforts is self-torture.

Original: Li Sheng


The more people you know, less active you are

You have to believe that dogs will always be dogs, but people sometimes don't look like people

If you feed your dog for three days, it will remember you for three years

You were kind to people for three years, but in three days it will be forgotten


No one in this world will treat you well. No one will treat you carelessly

Behind behavior of everyone is himself

Everyone pays for himself

If you really think that someone will be useful to you, from bottom of my heart

I'm just jealous of your youth


Women are not attractive enough to feel that men are debauched

Men are too weak to feel that women are realistic

Fire can be used to test gold

You can use gold to test a woman, and you can use a woman to test a man

A man likes a beautiful face of a woman

So, women have learned to paint

Women love sweet talk of men, so men learn to lie


Knowing morality will make you a good person

Understanding human nature will make you rich

Your goal is to become a rich and good person

Not poor good people

Your poverty or wealth directly affects good or bad attitude of people around you


Everything in world can easily betray you

Even aspirin

It can also silently expire on your busy days. It will lose its effect when your head splits


Cao Cao once said something

He said that when he was a pawn in past, all he met were villains who plotted against him

And then he became a queen

Everyone he met was very friendly and kind to him


Is human nature good or evil?

This really has nothing to do with others

When you can bring enough value to people around you

They are kind to you

When you can't give them any advantage

They are not kind to you


When do you find a person most attractive? Answer: when he doesn't love you

Love is extremely cruel

You will not like a person who loves you because of a person who does not love you

If person is over 30

If you talk about love and love every day, this person is basically useless


Human nature has a light side and a dark side

No betrayal, just because betrayal tokens aren't big enough

Loyal to you only because you provide enough benefits

Pick up

In fact, there is only one relationship between people, and this is relationship of interests

If interests are same, people you hate will turn your enemies into friends

While there is a conflikt interests, even closest brothers will kill each other

Pick one up

The people who can hurt you most in this world should be people around you

If they haven't already harmed you

That's because it's not over yet


To be strong, you must not trust your feelings

Emotions are temporary illusions. Chips in your hands - truth

What are chips?

You are only person in this world who can give him that advantage

The benefits you bring are irreplaceable, he has no better choice