What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?

What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?

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What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?

In early November, temperature in most of country dropped sharply, and snowflakes appeared in many places in north. The weather is cold, epidemic is spreading

Many hotels are also facing off-season passenger traffic. At this time, what channels can hotel use to rush down and forget

Three aspects of traffic optimization and service design are explained to help hotels cope with challenges of this winter

Part 1

Product packaging

When staying at a hotel in winter, some guests choose to stay at hotel for events to maximize guest's stay

On one hand, hotel satisfies comprehensive needs of guests for food, drink and entertainment, using other resources and room packages (for example, hotel packages), effectively increasing income of hotel

On other hand, you can also set up special types of themed rooms (e.g. esports rooms, parent-child rooms)

Accurate understanding of consumer needs of relevant customer groups

1. Hotel Package: Increasing Room Revenue

→Parent-child package

In addition to communal [two large and one small] lunch and dinner, hotel can put together several packages that will appeal to parents and children according to their conditions.

Hotels with facilities and conditions may install parent-child products such as children's playgrounds and parent-child rooms.

The software can provide baby products, baby food and other necessary services, and service includes manual labor, breakthrough games, etc.

They will be very popular with kids and parents, meeting needs of local travel and weekend getaways with kids


What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?

Recreational activities

Winter is also a good time to take care of your body. Guests who take care of their health will pay more attention to maintaining health

Hotels can also combine existing sports programs or resource packages to use them.

Creating a set of in-store activities that can retain customers will also be very popular

Example: In a hotel in Shanghai, hotel organizes a range of wellness and wellness programs after guests check in: healthy snacks on day of check-in, morning tea for waking up in morning

Last yoga session and exclusive afternoon tea, pre-bed snacks, evening sleep yoga, etc. to fully digest guest's stay.


What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?

→Upcoming events

If hotel's own store space is too small for above-mentioned large-scale events, you can also use surrounding resources to absorb time

For example, winter is season when there are winter strawberries on market. If there are strawberry fields around hotel

You can also negotiate prices with farmers and organize guests to pick strawberries. At same time, hotel can communicate with surrounding hot springs

Cooperate with ski resorts or other popular scenic spots, purchase tickets at right price, and pack these tickets into a room type

Tourist transfer

When leaving in winter, worst thing is inconvenience of travel. Therefore, hotel can also provide a transfer service depending on situation

Including round trip transportation hubs, scenic parks, etc.

2. Esports room: meet local needs of young guests

The epidemic has affected mobility of remote places and over long distances, and many young people have remained in area, especially college students

Forming a group to "open black" is also an important pastime for them. Last week, news of EDG's victory was instantly flashed in Moments, which also confirmed high demand for esports

Esports halls should be equipped with professional computers, gaming tables and chairs

At same time, esports halls for 3/5 people are more popular. In addition, young people enjoy atmosphere of forming a group together

Decoration of equipment can be more in line with theme of game, and soft service can be equipped with "energy reserves" such as cola and snacks

The hotel already has an esports hall, and information is well maintained, and full flow of five major platforms (Ctrip, Tongcheng, eLong, Business Travel, Zhixing, etc.) can be obtained. )

Help hotel target customers with right needs. And there is some support in listing standards that can lower the entry threshold for listing gold medals (GMV is not rated)


What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?

Service information includes:

① Gym Amenities: Is any relevant eSports equipment tested?

Maintenance method: Ctrip EBK reference information→information service→room equipment→e-sports equipment

②Room type name: Does it contain esports-related keywords such as "esports" and "open black"

The maintenance method can be like this.Contact your business manager to change

What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?

Part 2

More traffic

In addition to launching suitable products, hotel also needs to find ways to get traffic according to season.

1, content traffic

Recently uploaded hotel travel photos, content may also contain more scenes to encourage transformation, details are as follows:

①Neighborhood strategy: you can start with a travel strategy for ski resorts, hot springs and other attractions near hotel

Then insert a soft implant into hotel recommendation so guests don't feel dumb. For example: "Changbai invaders of food, shelter and transport"


What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?

②Grass Planting Evaluation

From point of view of client, combined with season, start from point of view of "registration" and "strategy"


"Quick guide to filming"

②Visit hot springs:

Hot springs are also best choice for winter guests

With this feature in mind, platform also sets up events for hotels to find more guests in need of hot springs. If it is a hotel near a hot spring, you can subscribe to this event to increase your fame

3.Seasonal requirements

①Room Hour

With advent of provincial examinations, national examinations and postgraduate examinations

Guests are increasingly demanding rooms by hour. There will be several hours between morning and afternoon exams

Many candidates have a need for a lunch break, so hotel can use an hourly tool to get traffic for this part of guests

A little advice:

→Set Room Type:It is recommended to sell main room types of hotel, such as rooms with a double bed and rooms with twin beds, by hour

Increase hotel revenue

→Set duration: Set up multi-hour rooms, for example, except for usual 3 and 4 hours

It can also be set to 1.2 hours or even 5.6 hours to meet needs of different customer groups


What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?

②Weekend specialsIn addition, as part of normalization of epidemic prevention

Customers prefer to travel short distances on weekends, so they can take part in [Weekend Special] to take advantage of this wave of traffic.


What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?


Currently Ctrip eBooking-Promotion-Promotion

Part 3

Improve service

Winter hotel service should be centered around word "warmth"

Let guests fully experience warmth of hotel from booking to check-out in exchange for real praise from guests

1. Before you come to store, a warm reminder

After a guest has made a booking, service is already running

This link should be a good reminder to guests before leaving

①Confirmation Information:

Additional confirmation of guest's arrival time, room type booked, special requirements, and other information, and register special information

②Reminder before leaving

Can inform guests about local weather conditions, especially nearby hotels in ski resorts and relatively cold areas

Southern guests may not know how to dress, hotel may call guest in advance to let them know

2, When you arrive at store, a warm welcome

Just entered hotel from outside

The coldness of guests cannot dissipate, and hotel can take advantage of this feature to provide cordial services

①Hot drink

At front desk, you can offer guests a cup of hot drink to warm up while doing business for guests or waiting in line. Recommend hot ginger tea, hot tea, etc.

②Hot towel

Dry your guests face and hands, it's a good way to catch wind and dust

Be able to win favor of customers first time. Towels are not recommended to be heated too much, so as not to accidentally injure guests.Hotels with conditions can prepare a warm heated towel rail


What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?

3, When it's in store - care of heart

During a guest's stay, hotel may provide additional mental care depending on season

①Warn guests well in advance

Guests are prone to getting colds and colds in autumn and winter, and are also prone to sudden illnesses as seasons change

The hotel can prepare some essentials such as Banlangen pellets, warm palace stickers, masks, etc.

But do not actively give medication to guests, so as not to cause unnecessary disputes

②Pay attention to keeping food warm

Breakfast at hotel, especially breakfast buffet, porridge, buns and other foods should pay attention to keeping warm

Replace cold food in time. In addition, restaurant can prepare some dishes that can be prepared and eaten right away, such as noodles, wontons, hot dishes, etc.


What opportunities should hotels take advantage of?

③Give good advice

Different travel plans have been developed for clients with different travel goals. For traveling guests

Sights and delicacies around Amway; transport offers and travel plans for business travelers

4, Upon leaving store, a warm farewell

Let guests leave with warmth of hotel, and sum up whole service

①Warming Things

1) Warm baby: The weather is harsh, hotel can take initiative to treat guests, especially female guests and children

Give a warm baby to help guests get rid of cold

2) Mask

The epidemic alert has not been completely lifted, and winter is very windy and snowy, hotel can also prepare masks for guests in case of emergency

②Needs Identification

If hotel finds a thermos in a guest's possession, they may take initiative to ask if it needs to be replaced or if guest needs hot water

You can also give him tea bags that are convenient for him to drink while making tea on road